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Avoid germs with custom hand sanitizers

Protect your hands from germs and bacteria by sharing custom hand sanitizer sprays and bottles.Early on in life, everyone is told to wash their hands often. However, instead of scrubbing our hands and fingertips for the recommended 20 seconds, the average hand-washing time in the United States is six seconds, according to CBS News. This lack of attention to our hands can cause many people to get in contact with illnesses and viruses.

How your business can help improve everyone's health

For the next trade show, consider passing out custom hand sanitizers instead of other goods that have been done in the past among colleagues. This way, your company is sharing helpful things that still represent the team.

This option makes a lot of sense because there will be a lot of people traveling to trade shows throughout the country. Attendees may be unaware that the hands they're shaking could be filled with germs and bacteria. Prevent bringing these hosts of problems by distributing promotional merchandise like hand sanitizer.

It is easy to bring attention to your business with personalized hand sanitizers. They come in miniature bottles and spray pens. This product will be within a person's reach at all times during the trade show, so they will always make a connection with your organization after using hand sanitizer.

The demand for promotional hand sanitizers makes it easier for staff members to communicate with other organizations throughout the trade show. The right pitch between these individuals can build a lasting impression that will continue after the trade show.

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