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Convention season prime for promotional hand sanitizer

You don't have to be a germophobe to realize that conventions can be full of germs, and chances are you'd be far from the first person to make that observation. This is part of what makes promotional sanitizer such an easy sell. However, unlike some types of promotional merchandise your competitors might be using, this product has an instantly recognizable function can be put into action immediately on the show floor.

Personalized sanitizer can help increase your brand by ensuring a constant presence on or near a consumer's person. Anywhere people make frequent use of their hands, such protective agents will be appreciated, and a trade show or business event is a classic example. Think of all the handshaking, reaching for business cards, writing, typing, and other interactions done over the course of just one of these long events.

Recently, CNN recommended the use of sanitizer against the possibility of "super bugs," and while there's no telling whether or not one specific convention is more prone to this kind of outbreak, it's the kind of information a company can include when passing out a sanitizing product in order to draw attention to the importance of hygiene.

Attendees to any kind of major convention are most likely to be interested by items of "swag" that connect immediately to their surroundings. What more relevant item to a show room floor is there than custom sanitizer? Offer this to your customers and you can expect it to be used consistently, with potential customers thankful for your contribution to their show-going experience.

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