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Direct your business logo on custom hand sanitizers


When people cannot find time to wash their hands at the sink, give away custom hand sanitizer bottles.While washing our hands is an important part of our daily routine, we can sometimes forget how crucial it is to keep them clean. Research shows that proper hand washing can reduce a person's chance of getting a stomach bug by 50 percent, according to the Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald. For your next trade show, your business can help others have cleaner hands with custom hand sanitizer bottles.

Promotional merchandise like hand sanitizer is an easy marketing tool because every individual needs to wash their hands. However, there are some situations during the trade show where an individual may not want to step 

out and go to the bathroom. Instead of missing valuable information by leaving a presentation for a few minutes, guests can take out the compact bottle of hand sanitizer.

Each time an attendee uses your personalized hand sanitizer, they make a mental note of what's on the label. Take this into consideration when your company orders a batch of hand sanitizer. Placing a logo or name on the product is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

The life of your organization's promotional hand sanitizer will go beyond the trade show. Clean hands should be a priority for everyone all year long. Hands come in contact with many potential viruses and germs. Your free gift to colleagues will pay off by improving your business's reputation within the community.


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