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How to keep hands clean during an outdoor trade show

 It does not take long for a person's hands to get dirty during their daily routine. Within minutes fingertips will touch one surface then come in contact with another. Too often, people forget that bacteria and germs linger on these areas because they are not cleaned as often as they like.

We may not have control over countertops, but custom hand sanitizer bottles can reduce our chances of getting sick from leftover viruses.

Outdoor trade shows are an enjoyable way for companies to get in touch with others that share similar passions. However, the warmer weather causes others to sweat and reach their hands to their face to wipe off the excess liquid. Before washing their hands, they may shake hands with other people or grab appetizers.

Your business can help people clean their hands by passing out promotional hand sanitizer sprays. This way, the general public can kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and have a good time. Function halls do their best to keep bathrooms and shared spaces clean, but they are also working hard to entertain the attendees.

Despite the availability of bathrooms with stocked soap and paper towels, many folks neglect to properly wash their hands. Only 5 percent of individuals take the time to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap, reach all parts of their hands and wipe them dry with a paper towel or dryer, according to CBS News.

Personalized hand sanitizer bottles are good to carry around throughout the trade show because they're small enough to fit into a person's pocket or bag. Be a beneficial service and clever organization by sharing useful promotional merchandise like hand sanitizers.

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