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Stay clean with custom hand sanitizers

If dirty hands are not near a bathroom, using a portable bottle of hand sanitizer is a good alternative.Washing our hands has always been a part of our daily routine. All it takes is water and soap, but a study from Michigan State University showed that 95 percent of people out of 3,700 who were surveyed were not properly cleaning their hands.

"We've known for over 150 years that good hand hygiene prevents patients from getting infections," Dr. John Jernigan, an epidemiologist for the CDC told the Denver Channel. "However, it's been a very chronic and difficult problem to get adherence levels up as high as we'd like them to be."

This doesn't include situations when dirty hands are nowhere near a bathroom. It is proven that hand sanitizer can be an alternative to hand washing, but these portable bottles aren't always available during times of need. Why not use hand sanitizer as your company's latest promotional merchandise?

There is always a demand for hand sanitizer because people can forget to have a bottle readily available at all times. Your business can take this chance to give away personalized hand sanitizers at the next trade show.

Hand sanitizer comes in small bottles with room for opportunity. Organizations can change the label of the bottle with their company's logo and they come in a variety of colors. Creatively showcasing your brand on these promotional hand sanitizers will help businesses be successful. Attendees at the trade show can walk by the booth and pick one up during your presentation.

Companies can have a large order of custom hand sanitizers bottles available all times of the year. Thoroughly washing your hands should be everyone's priority to protect themselves from viruses and germs.

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