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Use custom hand sanitizer bottles at conventions

Sometimes, people do not have time to visit the bathroom to wash their hands at a convention.Protecting ourselves from getting sick should be a year-round priority because we are always unknowingly transporting viruses, germs and bacteria. One of the best ways to do this is through the act of hand washing. However, we may not do it as often as we should.

During times like a convention, there are even less opportunities because of the amount of people in the area. Your business can assist others with promotional merchandise like portable hand sanitizers.

Individuals should only use this item as a backup plan. Hand sanitizer is not meant to substitute to hand washing because the most effective way to have clean hands is with water and soap, according to the Wall Street Journal. We are unaware of how many surfaces our colleagues touched or the number of hands they shook. Providing a custom hand sanitizer bottle or spray will help others have healthier exchanges.

While attendees are grateful to have the chance to clean their hands throughout the day, promotional hand sanitizer can be an effective marketing tool. Because the bottles are travel-friendly, they are small enough to carry around all day and have enough room to make your company's name or logo stand out.

Outside of the rectangular bottle, hand sanitizers also come in pen sprays and credit card-shaped containers. Think about what works best for your team's specific strategy. People will enjoy their personalized hand sanitizer bottles or sprays because they'll appreciate your business' attempt to help others keep their hands clean.

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