Place Your Marketing Message on Custom Pocket Sanitizer Containers

By distributing custom pocket sanitizer to your customers and prospective clients, you have the opportunity to expose them to your marketing message several times over the course of a single day. Hand sanitizer can help curb the spread of germs when water and soap are not within reach, so all sorts of people will be happy to keep your product on hand. At HandSanitizerStore.Com, you can find many styles of bulk custom sanitizer, including custom pocket sanitizer and custom sanitizer spray products.


Among the bulk custom sanitizer products you can order through our online store are wet wipes and large containers of hand sanitizer. While these are effective in a home or office, custom pocket sanitizer containers are an even more powerful marketing tool thanks to the frequency with which people will use them. You have your choice of pocket sanitizer gel and spray. You can place your company’s logo, details and slogan directly on the container of either of these custom pocket sanitizer products.


Credit-card-style sprayers are among the most popular custom sanitizer spray products we offer because they are so unique and can be stored so easily in a purse or briefcase. The flat surface offers a convenient place to display the same information that you would normally put on a business card–so you probably have a suitable graphic file already.


You’ll also find clip-on containers of custom pocket sanitizer. Our selection includes carabiners in blue, silver, green, red, black and purple, as well as custom pocket sanitizer sleeves available in striking colors like royal blue and lime green.

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