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Logo hand sanitizers make it easy for you to reach potential customers with your company’s marketing message. The success of custom promotional products hinges on how frequently they’ll be used. While custom promotional products like playing-cards or Frisbees may seem like fun, realistically they will not be taken out very often. Containers of hand sanitizer with logo artwork, on the other hand, are likely to be used frequently because of the clear benefits they provide. The use of hand sanitizer is encouraged as a means of cutting down on the spread of cold germs, particularly in high-traffic areas like schools and airports.


At HandSanitizerStore.Com, we carry an extensive selection of logo hand sanitizers from which you can design your custom promotional products. Among the products to which we can add your text or artwork are:


Pocket sanitizer gel and spray containers, including pen- and credit-card-style containers

Wet wipes in pouches and canisters

Anti-bacterial liquid and foam soap


If you’re searching for new custom promotional products for your company, we can provide you with samples for just the cost of shipping. When you’re ready to order your company’s hand sanitizer with logo artwork, we can have a shipment ready in just a few business days. We’re certain that you’ll find the best price for logo hand sanitizers in our online store. All of our products are eco-friendly and made in the USA. If you’re able to find the same containers of hand sanitizer with logo artwork for a lower price, we’ll beat it by an additional 5 percent.

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