Promotional Pocket Sanitizer for Corporate Events

A promotional pocket hand sanitizer has become a practical and popular way to avoid germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses. At HandSanitizerStore.Com, we specialize in bulk promotional sanitizer products that feature your company logo or message. That will allow you and your company to express your commitment to public health issues during corporate events, giveaways and fundraising events.


At HandSanitizerStore.Com, we can deliver an FDA-approved promotional pocket sanitizer to your front door no more than 10 days after you make your order. Whether it’s an alcohol free hand sanitizer in a pen-style sprayer, an aloe-enhanced gel in a pump bottle, or a micro pump bottle on a key ring, we can match any corporate message or logo to most of our products. Just contact one of our customer service representatives, send a PC-formatted file of your logo or message, and we’ll match it to a bulk promotional sanitizer of your choice.


At HandSanitizerStore.Com, we also take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our FDA-approved promotional pocket hand sanitizer products. Both our alcohol and alcohol free hand sanitizer products are eco-friendly and able to kill the germs and bacteria that cause illnesses such as the H1N1 virus. All of our formulas come from inspected facilities within the United States, and they’re safe for people of all ages.

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