Choosing a Hand Sanitizer

August 2, 2018

Choosing the type of hand sanitizer you want is pretty simple, there’s regular, tinted, beaded and alcohol free. Most people prefer regular clear gel hand sanitizer, while others want to dress it up a bit with tinted gels or beads, or opt for alcohol free to be sure it’s safe for everyone to use. The bigger question? The delivery system! Hand sanitizer comes in many sizes, colors and container styles, and what you plan to use them for will help you decide the kind you want.

The standard in hand sanitizer is the Bottle, with or without a pump. You see them in doctor offices, hospitals, schools, restrooms, and other public areas where keeping germs at bay is extremely important. Hand sanitizer bottles are ideal for desktop, reception areas, and countertops, and come in larger sizes for use in community spaces where they are tend to get a lot of use. Pump Bottles are best for doctor offices and hospitals so employees can sanitize their hands easily after washing, while smaller sized bottles are portable and convenient for personal use and school age children.

A great product for travelers is the Clip-on gel hand sanitizer. These conveniently sized bottles come with a carabiner so you can put them on your keychain, or clip it to a belt loop, purse or bag. They are the perfect size to clip on book bags for school aged or college students. Hand sanitizer Spray Bottles are also a popular choice for people who travel or use it frequently throughout the day. These smaller spray bottles hold 1 Oz. or less, and are typically shaped like a pen and come with a pocket clip, or in the shape of a credit card and can easily be stored in a wallet or pocket.

And, as every parent knows, hand sanitizer Wet Wipes are a necessity when you have children. Kids are messy and always getting into predicaments requiring immediate cleanup, and there isn’t always a sink around to wash off their hands. Not just for children, hand sanitizer wet wipes are also great for traveling, and to keep in purses, desks, briefcases, glove compartments, and anywhere else you can think of to keep on hand for unexpected messes. You can keep some in the car to use after pumping gas, or after a fast food meal on the go!


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