Clean up with Hand Sanitizer in your Spring Promotions

April 24, 2019

Spring is the ideal season to promote your company with a custom hand sanitizer. Not only are they perfect for any marketing campaign or event, they provide customers with a reusable reminder that keeps your company name on their mind. Promotional hand sanitizers are a popular item because they are an item that can be used to freshen up anytime, anywhere. People like to keep them in backpacks for hiking, biking, and camping, as well as keeping one in the car to clean up after they fill their car with gas, and put them in their children’s school backpacks.

Small and portable, custom hand sanitizer is perfect as a stand-alone hand out or makes a fantastic addition to gift bags or boxes. A must for tradeshows, your logo will be seen by attendees and draw potential new customers to your table. Custom hand sanitizer is a wonderful way to promote any health-care related business, including doctor offices, health spas, dentist office, and even your local gym. An easy way to display them is to take a large bowl or basket, fill them up with your customized hand sanitizer, and setting them on a desk or tradeshow table so people can grab one as they leave your office or stop by your booth during tradeshows.

There are so many ways you can use custom hand sanitizer to promote your company or event. Be sure to buy in bulk to ensure that you have enough for everyone!


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