Custom Hand Sanitizer is a Necessity for Corporate Events

July 19, 2018

No one likes to think about germs and bacteria, but the reality is it’s everywhere. Every time you open a door, push an elevator button, use the company copier and pour yourself a cup of coffee, you are picking up whatever the person before you left behind. So think about what happens during tradeshows or promotional events. You are constantly shaking hands, exchanging business cards, and sharing pens with hundreds of people throughout the day.

At a minimum, you should keep a large pump bottle of custom hand sanitizer at your table so you can refresh your hands periodically, and offer the same to those visiting your table. You could even go one step further by offering visitors a small bottle to take with them. Set up a large fishbowl or other container, fill it with individually sized bottles of custom hand sanitizer featuring your company logo and let attendees grab one as they move on to the next vendor. Not only will they be reminded of your thoughtfulness each time they use, but others around them will notice your logo, prompting them to visit your table for their own bottle, giving you a chance to present your business to more people.

Custom hand sanitizers are not just a necessity for preventing germs, but also allow you to promote your brand in a useful and practical way. Since you are going to use promotional items during tradeshows and events, hand sanitizers make a great addition to any event.

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