Gear up for Tradeshows with Custom Hand Sanitizer

August 28, 2019

When looking for promotional products to wow at corporate trade shows, custom hand sanitizer is a sure fire hit! With everyone running around from booth to booth, shaking hands, swapping business cards, and handling products, you’ll be the hero of the day with a custom hand sanitizer featuring your brand’s logo.

Tradeshows are a great place to meet people in your business, talk trade secrets, and discover new products. What’s not so great is the onslaught of germs and bacteria that pass through the venue. Everything you touch has already been handled by someone else, and let’s face it, you don’t know where they have been! Say they have a cold or virus, everything they touch will carry their germs and pass it on to whoever picks it up next. And shaking hands? I don’t even want to think about it! Our 2 Oz. Square Hand Sanitizer Gel is a great option for tradeshow promotions. You can fill a basket and set it on your table, encouraging people who stop by to grab one and use it throughout the day. It’s portable and easy to use with a quick flip of the top.

Germs and bacteria are easily spread by contact with items and other people. The best way to keep protected is to use a hand sanitizer to kill those nasty little buggers before they have a chance to affect you and your health. Say you spend the day at a tradeshow without ever cleansing your hands – everything you have on your hands you now take home to your family, potentially getting everyone in the house sick! And with sickness comes the risk of missing work, reduced productivity, and general malaise. Another great option is our .67 Oz. Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray which easily fits in a pocket or wallet so it can easily be accessed.

No matter which style you opt for, order custom hand sanitizer in bulk and keep yourself, employees and fellow tradesmen healthy and germ free with a custom hand sanitizer featuring your company logo or other graphics and they are sure to keep you in mind the next time they need your services or products!

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