Hand Sanitizer – A Must for Traveling

January 30, 2019

Using hand sanitizer on a daily basis is a good idea. You have it home, in the office, and maybe in a purse or briefcase. What about when you travel? Many people don’t think about including hand sanitizer in their bags, especially with the limitations on liquid put in place by the TSA. You tend to think about bringing lotions and other daily use items, but the truth is that hand sanitizer is more important than ever when traveling.

Airports especially are one place you want to use your hand sanitizer – and use it frequently! Everywhere you go are doorknobs and surfaces touched by others from many different states and countries. How many of them are sick? I hate to think about it! You worry about the spread of germs in your daily life, and the concern is much higher when you travel!

At home, you tend to go to the same places each day and are more aware of your surroundings. When you travel, you have no idea who was there before you or if they were sick and left germs and bacteria behind. It only takes one person with the flu, cold or virus to contaminate an entire area. From the chairs you sit in, to the check-in desks, an airport is a variable human petri dish and the chances of getting sick are so much higher than if you were at home. Whether it’s an airport, hotel, bus station, or train, you are constantly in contact with surfaces and items covered in germs and bacteria of people passing through.

Concerned about plane travel? Don’t be! Bottled hand sanitizer comes in many sizes ranging from .50 ounces and up. TSA regulations state you can have up to 100 ml or 3.4 oz. placed in a quart-sized zippered clear plastic bag in your carry-on. That allows plenty of room for a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep you healthy during your travels!

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