Hand Sanitizer Promo Giveaways: Promote Cleanliness with Your Branding

Much of advertising is putting customers’ minds at ease and responding to their needs. That’s why, particularly during a crisis or seasonal sensitivity to illness, it is essential for brands with a focus on health and wellness to respond accordingly. Promotional Hand Sanitizer Products as giveaways show customers you are thinking about their health and wellbeing.

According to the FDA, hand sanitizer is required to have at least 60% alcohol to be considered as an antiseptic. Hand sanitizer giveaways generally come in the form of gel, spray or wet wipes. The gel-based hand sanitizer is the one most of us know as hand sanitizer. The spray is equally as effective, and dries faster than the gel.

Hand Sanitizer Promotional

When it comes to which hand sanitizer form to choose as a giveaway, you have many options. It just depends how you want to give them out and how you want them utilized. Need to put out a bowl of hand sanitizers at your reception area? Then you probably want to choose mini hand sanitizer bottles. Want them to travel with your customers? For this purpose, you need hand sanitizer with carabiner.

FDA approved custom sanitizer gel packets are the right answer to sending out an effective promotion that customers will need. Each sanitizer packet is small enough to keep in a pocket, stores well, and includes enough soft hand sanitizer to come in the clutch when hand washing isn’t an option.

Sanitizer gel packets are individually sealed towelettes perfect for first aid kits and hospitals. Hand Sanitizer Promo product is perfect for customer gifts, health clinics and promotional events, and is an easy and affordable way to get your business name out.

Spray hand sanitizers are used frequently by doctors, nurses and other health professionals, as well as teachers, parents and anyone with an active outdoor lifestyle. Spray hand sanitizers come in several styles. In addition to the standard pen style with the clip on the cap, credit card sized sprays are also available that will fit in any pocket or bag.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer Products are an incredible way to connect with your customers when they need it most. You can also implement health and wellness practices in your office to benefit your employees.

So, choose customized Hand Sanitizer Promotional products with a full color label or direct imprint to ensure effective branding.

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