Keep Employees Healthy with Custom Hand Sanitizer

November 21, 2019

It’s that time of year again, when colds and flu viruses run amok through businesses, schools and families! One of the best ways to keep germs and bacteria at bay is by using hand sanitizer on a regular basis throughout the day. The flu season typically runs December through March, and with all the extra activities and events during the holidays it’s a good idea to have plenty of hand sanitizer in the office, home, and schools.

This time of year, social calendars are filled with office and school parties, holiday plays and other public functions, as well as family get-togethers. While these may encourage a good time to be had by all, they also create the perfect atmosphere for germs and bacteria to breed and spread. A fun little holiday party can send everyone home with the flu! All is takes is one person who has been exposed to a virus or already has a transmittable cold or flu to ruin it for all. One uncovered sneeze, or an unwashed hand that touches a doorknob can expose everyone attending the event to the disease they were exposed to, which of course they then take home to spread to their families.

As a business owner, illness is always a concern when it comes to your staff. One unhealthy person in the office can cause the flue to spread like wildfire, taking out any number of employees. This time of year, you are typically left with a limited staff anyway due to vacation and holiday requests for time off. The last thing you need is to have everyone else sick!

Custom hand sanitizer makes a wonderful promotional item and shows employees you care about their health. Place several around the office, during tradeshows and company-sponsored events to help stop the spread of colds and flu bacteria. Consider giving each employee a pocket-sized hand sanitizer to keep them protected everywhere they go! The more you can do to prevent colds and viruses from spreading, the healthier your employees, and your business, will be. Be sure to stock up so you have plenty on hand. It’s going to be a long winter!


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