Custom Hand Sanitizer is a Necessity for Corporate Events

July 19, 2018 No one likes to think about germs and bacteria, but the reality is it’s everywhere. Every time you open a door, push an elevator button, use the company copier and pour yourself a cup of coffee, you are picking up whatever the person before you left behind. So think about what happens … Continue reading “Custom Hand Sanitizer is a Necessity for Corporate Events”

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The proper way to apply Hand Sanitizer

July 5, 2018 You are probably asking yourself, is there really a wrong way to apply hand sanitizer? It isn’t that there is a wrong way, but there may be a better way to ensure that it is killing the germs and bacteria you are trying to remove. Most people, including myself, typically squeeze a … Continue reading “The proper way to apply Hand Sanitizer”

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Hand Sanitizer and Healthcare

June 21, 2018 One of the most important places you will find custom hand sanitizer is at a medical facility. Whether it’s a hospital, doctor’s office, or dentist, hand sanitizer is essential to help stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Hospitals use it and have it in every room including the reception area, nurse … Continue reading “Hand Sanitizer and Healthcare”

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Hand Sanitizer for Back to School

May 31,  2018 I know, I know! The school year for most has just ended, the long-awaited summer break has arrived and the last thing you want to think about is the back-to-school season. But before you know it kids will be heading back in 2 to 3 oh-so-short months! And if you have a … Continue reading “Hand Sanitizer for Back to School”

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Why is Hand Sanitizer Right for my Promotion?

May 17, 2018 There are a number of reasons custom hand sanitizer would benefit you and your customers, perhaps in ways you haven’t even thought of! Of course there’s the obvious – to get your name in from of customers to help increase sales and awareness about your brand in an inexpensive and cost effective … Continue reading “Why is Hand Sanitizer Right for my Promotion?”

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