What Makes Promotional Hand Sanitizers Effective Enough?

Hand sanitizers have become a crucial part of our daily routine, especially in light of the ongoing global health crisis. They have made it easy for people around the world to keep themselves and others safe even while they are out of their homes. From businesses and health centers to schools and other public places, hand sanitizers are used almost everywhere.

After the global pandemic of COVID-19, the need for them has increased to another level. As a result, businesses of different sizes and types have started using them as promotional items that can effectively promote a brand. As businesses and organizations seek effective ways to promote health and safety, promotional hand sanitizers have gained popularity as practical and useful promotional items. However, not all hand sanitizers are equally effective. Let’s have a look at the essential factors that make promotional hand sanitizers effective enough to fulfill their intended purpose.

Optimal Alcohol Content:

Alcohol is the main component that makes hand sanitizers effective at killing germs. Hand sanitizers should have a minimum alcohol content of 60%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to effectively kill a variety of viruses and bacteria. It is critical to ensure that promotional hand sanitizers meet this requirement when selecting them. To make them more effective in combating pathogens, customize your hand sanitizers with 70% or higher alcohol content because higher alcohol content can provide even stronger germ-killing properties, making your promotional product more effective and useful.

Right Formulation:

The hand sanitizers overall formulation, in addition to its alcohol content, contributes to its effectiveness. Other ingredients like water, glycerin, and emollients that help keep the skin moisturized and prevent dryness should be included in your promotional hand sanitizers. Sanitizers can effectively kill germs while still being gentle on the skin if they are made in the right way. So when customizing hand sanitizers for brand promotions, it is important to ensure that each customized hand sanitizer has the right balance of skin-care benefits and sanitizing power.

Convenient Dispensing:

For ease of use, promotional hand sanitizers should be packaged conveniently. Whether it is a pump bottle, squeeze tube, or portable spray, the packaging should make it easy for users to get to the sanitizer when they need it. Because of its simplicity, regular use is encouraged, ensuring that the promotional hand sanitizer effectively kills germs and encourages good hygiene habits while promoting the brand on a wider scale.

Accessibility and Portability:

Promotional hand sanitizers effectiveness also depends on their portability and accessibility. Hand sanitizers that are small and easy to carry encourage people to always have them on hand. Sanitizers that are small enough to fit in a pocket or that can be attached to keychains make them easy to find. The more accessible the promotional hand sanitizer, the more likely people are to use it consistently. This also helps you improve brand awareness with promotional hand sanitizers.


Businesses can use promotional hand sanitizers to showcase their brand and convey their messages to their target customers. The use of eye-catching packaging and a prominent display of the company logo are essential components of successful branding. Giving recipients clear instructions on when and how to apply the sanitizer can reinforce good hand hygiene habits.

Distribute your promotional hand sanitizers widely to get the desired results

When distributed widely among employees, clients, public spaces, business partners, etc., promotional hand sanitizers help you get the most out of them. At the Hand Sanitizer Store, we help you get customized hand sanitizers that you can use for promotions and attract your target customers. Call us today to know more about our services.