Why is Hand Sanitizer Right for my Promotion?

May 17, 2018

There are a number of reasons custom hand sanitizer would benefit you and your customers, perhaps in ways you haven’t even thought of! Of course there’s the obvious – to get your name in from of customers to help increase sales and awareness about your brand in an inexpensive and cost effective way. What other reason is there?

For starters, it’s a great way to help keep employees healthier, increasing production and lowering the number of sick days taken. Sure, you have soap and water at all of your sinks, but is that really the best way to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria? Probably not. Soap and water is great, it cleans your hands and removes germs and bacteria. But does it kill the bacteria? No, it simply washes it away. Hand sanitizers have been proven to take it a step further by killing the bacteria that causes viruses and other illnesses, helping to prevent it from spreading from person to person.

Personalized hand sanitizer works with any marketing campaign, and is ideal for health-related industries and occupations such as doctor offices, laboratories, and dentist and orthodontist offices. Everyone can benefit from keeping hands clean and germ-free, especially if you deal with the public as part of your profession. Think about everything you touch each day that is used by the public or employees. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. Every time you touch a doorknob, you are touching whatever is left behind from the person who last went through that door which can easily be transferred to your keyboard, mouse, desk, pens, or anything else you use throughout the day.

So when should you use hand sanitizer, even if you have just washed your hands? Anytime you use the restroom is always a great idea, because you never know what you will pick up in there; but also before eating or preparing meals, after you have been around someone else that is sick, anytime you have handled trash, and after each visit with a client or guest. Promotional hand sanitizer comes in several different forms such as sprays, gels and wet wipes, including alcohol-free versions which are great for kids and people with sensitive skin. Any form you choose, be sure and keep several throughout your office so every employee and guest have access to it, to help keep everyone healthy and germ free!

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