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Custom Hand Sanitizer Wet Wipes

1 ct Antibacterial Wipe

Great for any restaurant, outdoor event, school, daycare center, culinary event, hospitals, and so much more!  

as low as $0.31
1 ct Wet Wipe Packette

These customized promotional hand sanitizer wet wipes are a great little custom giveway for on-the-go, traveling, and company dinner parties.  


as low as $0.33
15 ct Wet Wipes In A Pouch

Customize these 15 ct promotional hand sanitizer wet wipe pouches with your full color artwork and logo.

as low as $0.82
30 ct Wet Wipes In Small Canister w/ Beaded Keychain

Promote cleanliness in the workplace while getting your company name out there.

as low as $0.82
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