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Welcome to the Hand Sanitizer Store!

Show customers you care about their well-being with the gift of branded hand sanitizer! Custom hand sanitizer makes a great addition to any marketing campaign and is an effective and affordable way to promote your brand, even on a tight budget. We offer a wonderful selection of promotional hand sanitizer products, ranging from mini-credit card-sized sprayers to 16 Oz. bottles that are perfect for any marketing or promotional event.

Hand Sanitizer FAQs

✦ How much alcohol do hand sanitizers contain?

According to the CDC, Hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective at killing germs and bacteria. Most of our branded sanitizers contain 62%, although we do carry some products that contain as much as 70%.

We also carry alcohol-free products in bulk, and while they are great for removing dirt and grime from hands, they do not kill germs and bacteria.

✦ Does branded hand sanitizer expire?

Like most personal care products, customized hand sanitizer does have an expiration date. This doesn’t mean it is dangerous to use after the date imprinted on the bottle, but it does mean it becomes less effective. All of our personalized hand sanitizers are good for at least 2 years, and each product has an expiration date printed on the bottle.

✦ What is the correct way to apply hand sanitizer?

While technically there is no wrong way to apply hand sanitizer, it can't do its job properly if you don’t apply it thoroughly. You don’t need a lot – just a small dab the size of a nickel to a quarter, depending on the size of your hands. Simply pour it into the palm of your hands and rub them together to coat your entire hand and fingers, up to around 2 inches past your wrist. Continue rubbing until your hands are dry. If you find you didn’t use enough sanitizer to cover this area, you can always add more.

✦ How many promotional hand sanitizer bottles do I have to order?

The minimum order amount varies by product and is shown on each individual product page along with production times.

✦ Do I have to pay a setup charge when I reorder a customized product?

No - as long as you are placing an exact reorder – there is no setup charge. If there are any changes at all (adding/changing information on the label, changing your logo, etc.), a new setup fee will apply as we have to recreate the artwork. If you are placing an exact reorder, please email customer service so they can assist you in removing the setup fee.

✦ Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of your product, we will rerun your order at no cost to you, or refund your money.

✦ Can I get help with my artwork?

Of course! When you order online our custom branded hand sanitizer products, ranging from mini-credit card-sized sprayers to 16 Oz. bottles, you will upload your logo during the checkout process. Once your order is submitted, we will send your graphics to our art department, who will create a FREE Proof mock-up of your graphics on the product you ordered. We will then return it to you for your approval before sending it to production.

Please visit our General FAQs page for more frequently asked questions about the Hand Sanitizer Store, including artwork requirements, shipping, bulk orders and more.

If you need additional help, please email us at and we will be glad to assist you!

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